Sunday, February 20, 2022

well, your not going to believe this shit.

guess who the fuck is back? no, hey sorry Jackie we made a mistake, or ooops, nothing. Just 'you're baaaaaack. fuckmetillIrunoutofmemes. I will  be going back to the old yellowdoggrannie. But if Leanna will help me there will be some changes. Like the memes on the side and with a white background as everyone says its easier to read..17 years...I can't quit her. hope you guys will follow the urinebrick road back to yellowdoggrannie. it might take a few days. fuckaduck.

I think I might have you guys to thank for this...if so? thankyou from the bottom of my blubonnet lined heart.

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Teach Your Children (Official Music Video)

thanks Jimmy T

this was my first post after switching from blogster to blogspot. 17 years ago.

 Yes, it's me and boy am I pissed off...I would have been here sooner but thanks to the slow snail computers here at my little library in West, by goddess, Texas, it has taken me almost an hour to hook up...I lack the ability to sit in my little chair and watch the blue square get makes me pissy...and as Sooner and Babs can attest. It's not a good idea to make jackisue pissy...although it can make me a happy camper to be pissy. I actually stay pissy most of the time. This being brought on by the lack of leadership in my country. I say my country, because sometimes I don't recognize most of the citizens I hear speaking out in defense of George W. Bush or as I call him...forest gump...I used to call him King George but soon realized that Forest Gump is a more fitting name. Or one of the three stooges along with Cheney and Rowe....I wanted to get off to a good start here and allow you to get to know me slowly as I really do need to grow on you. Too much of me at one time can be a very scary thing. I was born without the ability to censor my self. That little switch that is supposed to click on and allow you to stop and think before you speak was burned out while I was maybe 4...If it is a thought, it is spoken...I can piss off, embarrass or anger more people in a shorter length of time than just about anyone that I know. I sometimes am filled with remorse because I have angered or hurt someone's feelings. But generally I just say "oh, well, fuckit".Something else I need to warn you about...I have a nasty mouth...due to the lack of switch thing and being raised in the military. I have set the land speed record for saying "fuckyou"...I actually was presented a plaque with this on it: "to Jackie, she has the fastest fuckyou in town"...I lived in Portland, Oregon at the time, so that covered a lot of territory...I now live in Texas, and still have the fastest "fuckyou"....I of my nicknames is Tacky Jacky....I take great pride in that also. Being from Texas, where we take great pride in being the biggest, best, tallest, etc. We also take great pride in being the best of the worse...biggest asshole, worse bitch, tackiest old granny ...that sort of thing...we be number 1...So fair not stop and linger here if you are a small child, rightwing wingnut republican Bush lover, overly sensitive, overly fond of God and his kid Jesus(as I am also a pagan and worship the Goddess), or thin I leave no prisoners'...but if you have been known to have a warped sense of humor, and have the ability to take a joke...welcome...kick off your shoes, grab a Dublin Dr Pepper and a bowl of're in the Jackie Zone......

Saturday, February 19, 2022

weird shit (repeat of post from 2012 maybe)

 I got to thinking that there was no happy shit in my weird here is some funny weird shit.

When I went to kindergarten I lasted 3 days before they pinned a note to my snowsuit that said "please check Jackiesue's pockets before she enters the school building"...this was after the first day of dead mouse in teachers desk, second day a mother spider and her nest of baby spiders and third day was glue spilled on her chair..
My cousins and I lived out in country around Mesquite Texas while our daddies were fighting the war...we each had chores. Larrywayne fed chickens, Michael Ray fed pigs and we all helped milk cows... so 2 of us would always gang up on the other time Mike didn't feed the pigs for 2-3 days and then we threw Larrywayne into the pig pen. They almost ate him up...our grandfather "daddy red". Said "y'all gonna kill that boy" we said.. "yup" Larrywayne loved  chickens. Probably because we always picked on him so much. But he was a whinny little sissy and we couldn't stand that...he tattled all the time...I still have memories of his voice crying out.. "big mama, jackiesue hit me"...betcha ass I hit him. little weasel. anyhow. Larrywayne had a pet chicken...he named her Elizabeth and he carried her all over the damn place...she slept with him even...we hated that damn chicken. She would peck us if we got near him...soooo(you know where this is going, don't ya sooner)(Sooner being my beloved friend) day Larrywayne went to town with his mother and we took Elizabeth to the lady that lived down the dirt road from us..Mrs. Hart. We said that Bigmama was really busy and needed her to help kill this chicken so we could have it for Sunday she did. Then we brought back the chicken and said Mrs. Hart had given us this chicken for Sunday Bigmama(our grandmother) fried up the chicken...we waited till Larrywayne had eaten a leg and was starting in on a thigh when we informed him that he was eating Elizabeth...I do believe that is why Larrywayne never comes to any of the family reunions if I'm going to be there...I went to his daddy's funeral and he wouldn't come out of the bedroom till I had left... We also tied him to his horse silver.. who was 89 years old...and daddy red said "y'all gonna kill that boy" we said "yup"...this was before tv. Only game in town was fucking with Larrywayne...he kind of sorta got even with me.. when I was about 13 and had tits out to here, he cut a hole in the bath room and charged his friends .25 to peep thru the hole while I took a bath. Took me 2 summers to whip all those boys asses...and Larrywayne's...
ok, is that funny enough. Or is that too mean...